Apr 04

Free Webinar: Get All the Leads You Need on LinkedIn – April 7

Do you have enough clients? You’re probably thinking that there are plenty of people looking for a coach, but you don’t know where to find them. But if you think your problem is not enough clients, think again. The “real’ problem is not enough quality leads.

How would you like to get an ongoing stream of clients from one source in just 15 minutes a day? I get all my business on LinkedIn and I’d like to show you how you can do the same.

I’m giving a free live webinar, “How to Get All the Leads You Need in Only 15 Minutes a Day, this Friday, April 7, at 3pm ET. I will show you how to maximize your time to yield results that actually put money in the bank!

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In this webinar, you’ll learn about the 6 mistakes most LinkedIn users make that you want to avoid and the 6 components for a successful LinkedIn lead strategy that will attract more clients in the next 60 days.

Learn how you can…

  • Use LinkedIn to get all the leads you need and create a stream of paying clients by skyrocketing your visibility through LinkedIn.
  • Position yourself as THE expert in your specialty using LinkedIn’s free features, and turn LinkedIn into a client-attracting lead-magnet while spending only 15 minutes a day.
  • Create the right client-capturing system essential to your success as a coach.

If you would like to increase your visibility so you will BE FOUND by your target market, and leverage your reach for getting all the CLIENTS you need to fill your coaching practice, then this training is for you.

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Feb 10

Live Coaching is the Best Investment

Are you working with a business coach who gives you live coaching? If you’re not, you could be missing out on one of the best ways to make your business profitable faster and easier. Entrepreneurship is a great blessing for most of us, but it also has its pitfalls. But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel because there are business owners out there who are willing to share their expertise with you. Here’s a quick video tip on how live coaching worked for me.



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Dec 19

Are You Ready to Close Clients Quickly?

You’re out there marketing, networking, connecting and following up.Then you FINALLY get someone on the phone and you hear – “Let me think about it”, or “I’ll get back to you.”

That’s all about to change in this powerful FREE sales training call, “How to Close Clients Quickly,” December 22 at 12pm ET.

My colleague, Liz Dederer, wants to give you the exact formula she uses so you’re able to easily guide your prospects to commit to a decision right then and there!

In this one hour sales training call, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 step formula for a successful sales call, every
  • What you may be doing (or thinking) that is sabotaging the sale before the call has even started.
  • The #1 Mistake you could be making when stepping into sales conversations.
  • How to easily, confidently and courageously achieve a 100% close rate without being or feeling like a ‘sales’ person. (Nurturers will love this one!).

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Aug 30

Video Tip: Grow Your List with JVs-Part 1

One of the fastest ways to grow you list is to find people to joint venture with.  There a number of ways you can use a JV partnership to build your business—even if you’re just starting out and have no list. Here are 2 of my 5 favorite ways to joint venture.

May 26

Video Tip: Believe in Yourself

When things aren’t going well, you may tend to focus on the negative and stop believing in yourself. This video gives you 3 tips for overcoming that negative merry-go-round so that you can always believe in yourself.


Apr 25

Video Tip: Taking Time Off

Studies show that people who take breaks more frequently are actually more efficient that those who don’t. There are several types of breaks that I recommend in this video, “Taking Time Off.”


Dec 03

Video Tip: Make a Newsletter Plan

Do you create your newsletter at the last minute rather than plan it out ahead of time? Do you feel like your newsletter could be better organized?  This video shows you how to make a 12-month plan for your newsletter, which will save you time and a whole lot of stress.  Watch the video and then download the template here: http://iaplifecoaches.org/newsletter-planner



Sep 17

Video Tip – Positive Evidence

Here’s a video tip to keep positive all day and allow your day to proceed more smoothly.


Aug 11

Video Tip: How to Set Dynamic Goals

In this video, “How to Set Dynamic Goals” and I cover 4 tips for making your goals more dynamic as well as easier to accomplish. It also tells you how to “turbo-charge” them! Click on the image to watch.



Jul 21

Video Tip: Keep Yourself Recession-Proof

The economy goes through cycles but your business does not have to be tied to the economy. I posted this tip during the last recession but it still applies today.


What have you done to make yourself recession-proof?  Please tell me in the comments below.

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