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“The 7 Essential Steps to Get More Clients: For Coaches & Consultants” the book by Jeannette Koczela

Find solutions to 7 of the biggest marketing challenges coaches surveyed have reported having Learn how to transform your passion for empowering others into a profitable business with simple, essential, practical tools including valuable insights, resources and practical knowledge on how to build your business and increase your reach in both online and offline marketing.

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video guide

“How to Make 26 Videos in 30 Days”

Guide to making enough weekly videos for 6 months. Learn how to set up, what equipment to use, what software to edit, and where to post.
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“Wattles Wisdom ArtCards”

A set of daily reminder flash cards that combine the wisdom drawn from Wallace Wattles’ book, “The Science of Getting Rich,” with beautiful scenes from nature that evoke positive emotions while you are reading each card.

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“Money Mindset Makeover” – the book by Jeannette Koczela

A fascinating study of applying the principles from Wallace Wattles’ book, “The Science of Getting Rich” to modern day living. It teaches you how to create your own prosperity by improving your self-image, limiting beliefs, and money management skills. Money Mindset Makeover provides the missing step that most law of attraction programs leave out.

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“Life Coach Business Blueprint” the book by Jeannette Koczela

Practical Tools and Strategies for Building a Successful Life Coaching Business. This book gives life coaches a blueprint that will help build a business that is profitable and enjoyable to run. It covers everything from defining your market, to designing programs and teleseminars. It teaches you the business tools necessary for running your life coaching business more effectively and efficiently.

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find your tribe

“Clarify Your Target Market in 30 Days”

Gain a greater understanding of who you are and what you have to offer. Then you will be able to determine your area of expertise and what audience will benefit the most from your services.

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Gold Membership in the IAPLC

Let your clients find you. Get a listing in our Life Coach directory with over 20 different categories. As a Gold Member, you also receive monthly training packages for increasing your business skills and learning new strategies for marketing your coaching business. Plus participate in our annual group book and become a published author, and participate in our annual telesummits and giveaways.

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“LinkedIncome Blueprint”

Learn to how to master LI features so you can get all your clients from your LinkedIn network, eliminate social media overwhelm, and market more efficiently.

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