Learn how to find, attract, connect with, and enroll ideal clients, while saving time and money.

Are you struggling to get paying clients?

Are you unsure of where your target market hangs out?

Are you confused about the best way to market yourself---or overwhelmed by social media?

Are you not sure how to jump-start your coaching business--- or don't know where to begin?

The life coaching industry is exploding and many new life coaches are entering the marketplace but have never been entrepreneurs. Having a guide to shorten the learning curve is essential if you want to stay in business past the first year and turn it into one that is sustainable and profitable.

I’m here to help you. You can start by downloading my free report, which will show you how to get leads for your business immediately.

Learn 9 steps to create an online marketing system. This checklist reveals how to:

  • How to fill your pipeline with future prospects
  • How to stop struggling to set-up your business
  • The one strategy that will make you stand out from the crowd
  • An easy way to target thousands of prospects online
  • Projects you can finish in a week or less

Where can I send your Checklist?

Kim Gray Kim Gray, CEO, Nat'l Assoc. of Virtual Assistants for Coaches,

“Before I came to Jeannette, I wasn’t sure that I was making the right decisions about my business, working with the right people, and I was ready to throw up my hands and quit because my business had become so overwhelming. But I thought, let me talk to Jeannette---she runs an association, she coaches coaches---and see if she’ll coach me. Now that we’ve spent 6 weeks working together, I’m back on track. I have the right people to work with, I’m excited to be able to keep my doors open, and everything looks brighter! Thanks to Jeannette.”

Michele Scism Michele Scism, President, Decisive Minds, LLC

“I highly recommend Jeannette. I recently interviewed her for my Decisive Success Strategies series and was so impressed with what she is doing. She has been coaching colleagues for many years and is known for her insights and laser-like clarity. She is able to provide her customers with coaching programs that empower one to magnetize more success, prosperity, and joyfulness in life and as a speaker she shared so many valuable tips with my audience.” 

"Marketing Strategies for Creating a Profitable Coaching Business"

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