30-Day Target Market

Are these some of the roadblocks you are facing as a life coach?

Not to worry—You can get answers in 30 days in my
“Clarify Your Target Market in 30 Days”
a program that will help you learn how to define your audience in 30 days.

In the easy-to-do activities in each lesson, you will gain a greater understanding of who you are and what you have to offer. Then you will be able to determine your area of expertise and what audience will benefit the most from your services.

  • Experience a new awareness of who your market is and what problems you can solve for them
  • Learn how to define your target market based on who you are
  • Feel a renewed confidence in what your unique gift is that you bring to the marketplace
  • Develop a list of problems you solve, and the benefits and results of working with you
  • Walk away with an assessment of who your target is and what you need to know about them to effectively market your services to them

We’ll take a look at how you can combine your unique talents and skills with your passions to come up with a group of people who really need your help and will fully appreciate what you have to offer them. Your target will be people who understand how you can help them and are willing to pay for your services.

PLUS…the first 15 people who enroll this month, will receive a BONUS:
One private 1×1 call to make sure you nail your target market!

All of this for  $197


“Clarify Your Target Market in 30 Days” is the most helpful program I have ever taken, and Jeannette is one of the most helpful coaches I have ever had. When you are looking to find your exact target market, Jeannette’s coaching and supportive materials allow you to answer the question, ‘Can I be a good coach in this area?’ She directs you how to zero-in on your abilities and then how to best apply them. The program is formulated to help you go deep inside and find out what you have to offer and at the same time find out what you can give to yourself. This is too good to not take advantage of. It is a pleasure to have this program come into my space and I look forward to continuing with another one of Jeannette’s 30-day programs.” ~ Diane Schaefer
Week 1
Personal Assessment of your skills, talents, experiences, and passions
and how they can help you determine your market
Assignment: Personal Questionnaire
Week 2
Examine the problems you solve and discuss who the benefits of working with you and what results clients will receive. Consider how you address the needs, frustration and fears of your market.
Assignment: Fill in the Service Support template
Week 3
Learn how to use the Category Drill to discover what group of people fits best with your unique offerings.  Use what you’ve learned from defining your niche and target market to create a statement that tells people what you do in a specific and compelling way.
Assignment: Fill in the Category Template
Week 4
Review the research you have done and go over the lists you have made. Go over the Audience Assessment Template, which will help you learn how to research your new target market to create the best possible marketing materials. Walk away with the next step to take to attract your new target market.