Video Tip: The 12-Month Model

Here’s a tip for a 12-month coaching model you can use for your coaching programs.

Have you tried this model? Has has it worked for you? Leave a comment below.

Growing Your Reach

When you’re building a list, growing your audience, or looking for clients, it’s quality, not quantity that matters. It’s better to have a small, responsive group of people that are more likely to become buyers, then a large group of unresponsive people who are mainly freebie seekers. There are several ways of growing your reach so you can find quality leads that you can turn into clients.  I’ll show you a few of them in this article.

1) You can expand your reach in social media best by partnering with influencers. Influencers are people who have large or medium size lists or audiences that are responsive to their offers and contain your target market. You can find influencers in your industry by Googling your topic and seeing which websites come up on the first pages. Those are most likely to be the big influencers. Then contact them and see how you can be of service to them. Wait, you say, how is that going to help me? It will help you to give first.  Influencers don’t need you—you need them. So you need to go out of your way to give them whatever support you can. That could be something like promoting their product launches, commenting on their blog posts, mentioning them in your blog posts, etc.

2) You can also look on Amazon in your topic under books and see what the most popular books are on your topic, because those authors may also be influencers. You can follow the same procedures as above, including book launches.

3) Another way to expand your reach is to proactively participate  in the groups that you belong to, by commenting on discussions, asking questions, and engaging people in conversations. And of course that all should lead to setting up private conversations with qualified leads.

I recommend that you pick one social media platform and focus on it.  Mastering one marketing strategy will put you farther ahead, faster, than trying to keep up with many strategies on the different social media networks.

There are many ways to use social media to get clients.  Here are some tips:

  • Just start with one social media site and work with it until you start getting consistent results.
  • Know which site to use: Pick the social media site where the most of your target market hangs out.
  • If they are mostly on LinkedIn, look for groups on LinkedIn that you can join and start participating in the discussions.
  • If they are mostly on Facebook, find groups on Facebook that you can join and start participating in the discussions.
  • Be selective about who you connect with on social media—it should mainly be quality leads.
  • Always, always have a plan for following up with people you connect with on social media.

Don’t Go Down the Rabbit-Hole
There are several different ways that you can avoid wasting time on social media and stay focused on the above business tasks. First of all, you want to plan out a strategy and then you want to follow it! That means that you need to have a formal, written-out plan. A second strategy for not wasting time on social media is to give yourself a time limit when you’re on there. Start with 15-30 minutes a day and see how efficient you can be. Set a timer.

In Memory of my cat

I had the most adorable loving cat you could ever want for 18 years.  I got him as a kitten and he died last week. He was healthy right until a month ago and made a peaceful transition. He was adorable, loving, sweet, patient, and forgiving—and my office assistant. As a obsessive lap cat, he loved people and was very sociable. Many of my friends whose lap he sat on are sad at his passing. It feels like the end of an era and my husband & I will miss him dearly—our only child! But we are also looking forward to being “empty-nesters” now. We may even be able to do some traveling and occasionally sleep-in at home!

Below are some photos of him and I’m posting these to show that cats can sleep anywhere. They are a good model of flexibility and adaptability—two essential qualities for business owners as well as life in general. Think about how you can use more of these qualities as you run your business and your life.  And enjoy the photos.


Playful bowl cat video.

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Do you have enough clients? You’re probably thinking that there are plenty of people looking for a coach, but you don’t know where to find them. But if you think your problem is not enough clients, think again. The “real’ problem is not enough quality leads.

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Live Coaching is the Best Investment

Are you working with a business coach who gives you live coaching? If you’re not, you could be missing out on one of the best ways to make your business profitable faster and easier. Entrepreneurship is a great blessing for most of us, but it also has its pitfalls. But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel because there are business owners out there who are willing to share their expertise with you. Here’s a quick video tip on how live coaching worked for me.



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Are You Ready to Close Clients Quickly?

You’re out there marketing, networking, connecting and following up.Then you FINALLY get someone on the phone and you hear – “Let me think about it”, or “I’ll get back to you.”

That’s all about to change in this powerful FREE sales training call, “How to Close Clients Quickly,” December 22 at 12pm ET.

My colleague, Liz Dederer, wants to give you the exact formula she uses so you’re able to easily guide your prospects to commit to a decision right then and there!

In this one hour sales training call, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 step formula for a successful sales call, every
  • What you may be doing (or thinking) that is sabotaging the sale before the call has even started.
  • The #1 Mistake you could be making when stepping into sales conversations.
  • How to easily, confidently and courageously achieve a 100% close rate without being or feeling like a ‘sales’ person. (Nurturers will love this one!).

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Video Tip: Grow Your List with JVs-Part 1

One of the fastest ways to grow you list is to find people to joint venture with.  There a number of ways you can use a JV partnership to build your business—even if you’re just starting out and have no list. Here are 2 of my 5 favorite ways to joint venture.

Video Tip: Believe in Yourself

When things aren’t going well, you may tend to focus on the negative and stop believing in yourself. This video gives you 3 tips for overcoming that negative merry-go-round so that you can always believe in yourself.


Video Tip: Taking Time Off

Studies show that people who take breaks more frequently are actually more efficient that those who don’t. There are several types of breaks that I recommend in this video, “Taking Time Off.”


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