In Memory of my cat

I had the most adorable loving cat you could ever want for 18 years.  I got him as a kitten and he died last week. He was healthy right until a month ago and made a peaceful transition. He was adorable, loving, sweet, patient, and forgiving—and my office assistant. As a obsessive lap cat, he loved people and was very sociable. Many of my friends whose lap he sat on are sad at his passing. It feels like the end of an era and my husband & I will miss him dearly—our only child! But we are also looking forward to being “empty-nesters” now. We may even be able to do some traveling and occasionally sleep-in at home!

Below are some photos of him and I’m posting these to show that cats can sleep anywhere. They are a good model of flexibility and adaptability—two essential qualities for business owners as well as life in general. Think about how you can use more of these qualities as you run your business and your life.  And enjoy the photos.


Playful bowl cat video.

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