A Program Created Especially for Coaches, Consultants, and Solopreneurs

Tired of chasing potential clients only to get nothing in return?

  • How would you like to open the flood gates of opportunity and have a waiting list for clients because you’re in such demand?
  • After all, you have great references, experience, content, and portfolio of work, right?
  • So why can’t you sustain enough steady business that will provide everything you need NOW?
  • No matter how much work, time, and money you put into your business, you’re failing. It sucks the creativity and life from your dream.

If I told you I have a way you could grow a clientele base today with just 15 minutes a day, would you believe me?

Ponder this math for a moment:

There are over 450,000,000 users on LinkedIn and 40% of them log in every day.  That's 180 million daily users!

If you have an opportunity to network with just 1% of the daily users, then you will potentially be able to pitch to 1,388,000 million people! If just 1% of those convert, that’s 18,000 potential NEW CLIENTS!

If you charge $1,000 on average for a new coaching client… well, I think you can do the math from here on out.

Excited yet?
That’s EXACTLY how I live my business life… Every. Single. Day. And you can, too!

I can catapult you to the next level in your business with my LinkedIncome Blueprint! I've developed this new program just for coaches.  My LinkedIncome Blueprint is designed to make you a master of LinkedIn and will enable you to get ALL your clients using your LinkedIn network.

I know you're thinking it's just another way for you to fork out more money when you aren't seeing anything coming in… Plus, how can you truly KNOW it will work for you?

First, I’m the founder and president of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches, so you know my programs are state of the art. This is something I’ve personally used to build a LinkedIn group of over 11,000 members---where all my association members come from. My whole business is proof this system works!

And a few select clients who’ve tried it have been blown away by how easy it becomes, to bring in the top clients you want, with little effort and stress.

Think about it.

How would your life change if you could finally have a ready source of clients and income? It would change your life, wouldn’t it? Yes, absolutely. That’s why I’m making it available to you right here, and right now. This is the first time this process is being released to the general public, BECAUSE IT WORKS BETTER THAN JUST ABOUT ANYTHING YOU’VE EVER EXPERIENCED. I Guarantee it!

“Before working with Jeannette through this program, I had what I considered a fairly substantive profile on LinkedIn, but it’s way more robust now with the benefit of her guidance. The scope of the impact Jeannette had on my LinkedIn presence takes my breath away. In the 9 weeks of this program I went from the top 40th percentile to the top 14th percentile in page view rankings among my LinkedIn connections. There’s no question that what I did with Jeannette’s counsel has created more visibility for me on LinkedIn.”

If you want to...

  • ATTRACT GREAT CLIENTS EASIER THAN EVER, so you’re generating a continuous flow of quality leads without all the hassle and stress of trying to uncover new client sources
  • HAVE BETTER RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER SUCCESSFUL COACHES, who want to secure joint venture partnerships with you, and even give you access to their client lists because you are enjoying such a large and responsive client list yourself
  • BE HIRED AS A TOP SPEAKER, where you are regularly approached for speaking engagements with prime groups that will boost your status and help build your client base to incredible levels
  • SECURE EXCITING MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES, where hundreds of potential clients learn about you and your expertise through powerful, credibility-boosting media appearances
  • ENJOY A MUCH GREATER INCOME, to the highest levels ever, in a relatively short time
  • BECOME A RECOGNIZED AUTHORITY, where you are more widely recognized and hired as an industry expert

"With my simple philosophy of doing one thing really well, I can teach you how to go from fussing with way too many streams that hide you from being found, to a concentrated focus on one outlet that allows you to reach everyone in your target businesses that can make a difference in yours!" - Jeannette Koczela



Don't put off success anymore. Leave behind the excuses and propel yourself forward.
Choose today to take action and claim your vision! 

Learn How I Created a LinkedIn Group of over 15,000 members (and counting) in the "LinkedIncome Blueprint" Program!

There are 3 different versions of this program. Schedule an appointment with me and together we can decide which one is the best fit for you.

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You will walk away with a clear and realistic understanding of how you can improve your visibility on LinkedIn to attract more of your ideal clients.

"I cannot believe how much I didn't know about LinkedIn! Jeannette covered a lot but made it so easy to absorb with her short to the point lessons. I had no idea that we could have a Business page on LinkedIn but I am in the process of creating mine as it is sure to bring more awareness of my products and services and lead to new business. My personal page improved considerably since following Jeannette's suggestions and my page rank for views is up. I have received compliments on it from LI contacts who have said they used it to model their own page after. I'm most impressed with how well Jeannette covered setting up a group on LI. The idea of running a group has always seemed like a monumental task. But after going through the course I'm now planning to do that next. LinkedIn Blueprint is a gem of a course. I highly recommend it."

Here's what we cover in the LinkedIncome Blueprint program...

Module 1: Craft Your Client-Attracting LinkedIn Profile

Learn how to enhance your LinkedIn profile to attract your ideal prospects.

  • Strategically position yourself in Linkedin to attract high caliber clients
  • Take advantage of LinkedIn’s SEO so you can be found in a search
  • Establish yourself as an expert on LinkedIn and build authority and credibility

Module 2: Create An Impressive Company Page That Clients Love

Learn how to create a company page and showcase pages to make your business stand out from the crowd.

  • Create a second presence on LinkedIn that can act as another website
  • Showcase your company's products and services
  • Have LinkedIn actually drive traffic to your business

Module 3: Join the Right Groups Filled With Your Target Market

Learn which groups are right for your business and how to use them to position yourself for future business.

  • Have the expertise for joining LinkedIn groups that actually have your targeted leads in them
  • Attract attention and engagement to begin building strong relationships
  • Use groups to build your list and get them into your controlled environment

Module 4: Make Connections That Turn Into Clients

Learn how to network on LinkedIn like no one else is doing.

  • Build strategic relationships with potential clients
  • Use LinkedIn’s advanced features to find your prospects
  • Manage your contacts right in LinkedIn and give them extraordinary value

Module 5: Build Authority With Your Own Community

Discover the best feature of LinkedIn that can save you hours of marketing time and deliver an ongoing stream of leads.

  • Take advantage of LinkedIn’s group features to connect with your group
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader and build confidence in your products
  • Develop your group so you can solely market to it

Module 6: Design Your Focused Marketing Blueprint That Gets Results in 15 Minutes a Day

Formulate your LinkedIn marketing strategy blueprint.

  • Have an implementation plan that builds strong relationships and business prospects
  • Take away a plan of action for marketing on LinkedIn easily and efficiently
  • Form a “like” circle of support to enhance your marketing efforts


  • Pre-course Exercise: Clarify & Find Your IDEAL Target Market ($397 value)
  • Post-Course Content-Marketing Campaign Training ($397 value)
  • Private Online LinkedIn Forum community ($297 value)
  • Private 60-minute Exit Strategy coaching session ($199 value)
  • Bonus Training: "What's Triggering Your Resistance?" ($297 value)
  • Bonus Training: "How to Close Sales Quickly: The 3 step formula for a successful sales call, every time" ($297 value)

AND...Platinum FULL PAY BONUS: Get promoted to my LinkedIn group of over 15,000 members!! ($397 value)

If at any time in the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied, you can ask for your money back.
After 30 days there are no refunds.

“In the few short weeks I've participated in Jeannette's awesome program, my LI connections increased by 10%, inquiries about my video marketing and book coaching grew exponentially, and my knowledge about the tools and opportunities on LinkedIn that Jeannette teaches grew by about 500%.

My understanding of the power of LinkedIn was microscopic compared with what I now have learned from Jeannette. If you are aiming to reach your most ideal business connections fast, I highly recommend Jeannette's excellent course!”

There are 3 different versions of this program. Schedule an appointment with me and together we can decide which one is the best fit for you.

Schedule you FREE "LinkedIncome Strategy Session" Here

You will walk away with a clear and realistic understanding of how you can improve your visibility on LinkedIn to attract more of your ideal clients.

Blueprint image credit: WS Cullin