Are you frustrated with your current money situation?
Would you like to master the Law of Attraction to create the life you want to live?
Have you watched “The Secret” and still feel lack in your life?
Do you want to finally get unstuck and prosper?

That’s how I felt. I was stuck, with never enough money and I knew that it didn’t have to be that way. So many other people I read about got out of the rut and onto a prosperous life. That’s what I wanted too.

So I studied every book on prosperity, money management, and using the Law of Attraction I could get my hands on until I finally figured out how to make all of it work for me. When that occurred, I started manifesting money for the things I wanted, I created passive income so my husband could retire, and I passed on that information to my friends who also benefited from it.

Now I want to pass on that knowledge to you in a simple system that I have created just for you.

I would like to introduce you to the…

The Money Mindset Makeover Home Study Course:
The Seven Steps to a Money Mindset Makeover

Here is a quick breakdown of everything you’ll receive:

Module 1: Create a New Self-Image

The first part of the problem you face is inside yourself.  Your self-image has to be in line with what you want to attract.  When you realize how important it is to think highly of yourself you will be able to attract the wealth you want. Start by improving your self-worth and self-esteem.

What are you thinking about yourself?
What are you putting your attention on and how is it affecting your ability to attract wealth?
How do you improve your self worth and self-esteem?

(Manual, workbook, audio included)

  • How to instantly increase your SELF-ESTEEM. (Warning: Without this you will never get rich.)
  • Why so many people who study “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction” still aren’t getting the consistent RESULTS they want. Learn what you need to change in order to make the difference for you.
  • Learn a new way of THINKING.  This will help you keep your present situation from controlling you or limiting your future success.
  • Find out how your BELIEF SYSTEM affects what you attract into your life… and how to change yours so you can start attracting only those things you want!
  • Why only a small percentage of people SUCCEED when attempting to improve their life… once you know this, there is no limit to what you can be, do, or have!
  • Why feeling good is actually the basis of ALL success in life. Discover what you can do to stay in this happy state of mind.


Module 2: Transform Your Money Beliefs

The second part of the problem is that your beliefs about money are affecting your ability to attract money.  Some of your beliefs may be buried pretty deeply, and it may take some time to uncover them and transform them into beneficial beliefs.

What are you thinking about money?
Where did you get your money beliefs, and are they serving you?
How to change them in the most effective way if they are not.

(Manual, workbook, audio included)

  • How to EVALUATE your relationship with money…and remove any obstacles that are keeping you from your prosperity.
  • How to RECOGNIZE your limiting beliefs that keep you from attracting money.  Once you do this, you are in control of your financial life.
  • How to LIVE the ultimate lifestyle you’ve always wanted, starting today.  You can use resources you already have to feel richer right now.
  • How to CREATE a change in thinking that will immediately put you back in control of your life…You can harness the power of your thoughts and turn them into money-producing actions.
  • Learn how you can CHANGE any thoughts or beliefs about money that are holding you back from having the wealth you desire…get practical steps to attract that money and keep it.
  • How to change your FEARS about money into beliefs that can skyrocket your success.  (Hint: Make money your friend.)


Module 3: Uplift Your Self-Talk

It helps to understand how the mind works and how your thoughts affect its functions.  Making excuses for yourself does not help you attract wealth; neither does complaining about your current situation.  You need to stop that kind of self-talk and replace it with more profitable and productive thinking.  Learn how the people you spend time with also have an impact on your money-attracting success.

What are you saying to yourself?
Thinking your way to prosperity is the key to your success.
How you can take control of your thoughts without controlling them?
The best way to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

(Manual, workbook, audio included)

  • How to TRANSFORM negative emotions into positive ones at any given time…this secret skill helps our students transform their lives.
  • Stop the UNAUTHORIZED conversation in your head…This will help you avoid sabotaging your own success.
  • How to wake up EXCITED about the day and feel confident, hopeful and happy. Start each day with positive thoughts and positive feelings.
  • How to ATTRACT like-minded people that support your rising ability to attract success. (Hint: You can begin to eliminate negativity and negative people from your life.)
  • Why associating with certain people could be creating OBSTACLES to your success without you even knowing it—- and how to stop the obstacles.
  • REPROGRAM your subconscious mind for success rather than failure.  (Hint: You can unconsciously be more positive and confident when you do this.)


Module 4: Activate Your Vision

If you aren’t clear on what you want, you aren’t going to get it. Clarifying your goals is something that most people don’t know how to do properly.  There are many tools on the market for clarifying your vision, but using them properly is a skill you must practice.

Are you clear about your vision?
Determine your desires and visualize your results.
How to impress your vision on “formless substance” and make it stick.
How to write and use affirmations in the most effective way.

(Manual, workbook, audios included)

  • Learn three ways to SUPER-CHARGE your visualizations…then use them to attract anything you desire.
  • How to use your SELF-TALK to your advantage instead of letting it sabotage your dreams. (Hint: it’s the best way to use affirmations.)
  • Discover how to get in touch with your truest, deepest desires. You will have a starting point for RECREATING your life with confidence.
  • How to use visualizations with the POWER of the mind.  This skill is essential for achieving success and prosperity.
  • Discover the power of your own EMOTIONS. Learn how to use them to manifest your desires quickly.
  • Find what you will do best by discovering your PASSIONS…their energy will fire your success.
  • How to create wealth that comes from working from within your LIFE PURPOSE. (Hint: Harmonizing with the universe can profoundly affect your wealth.


Module 5: Set Dynamic Goals

Once you clarify what you want, how do you go about getting it? Setting goals is important but some ways to do it are better than others. Discovering a method that is easy and fun to do, helps you stay motivated especially when you run into the inevitable obstacles.

Keep yourself focused by setting goals
How to break down the big picture and rebuild it for lasting prosperity and success.
Make goals easier to accomplish by using organization and planning.

(Manual, workbook, Goal-Setting Planner, audio, video included)

  • How to get past the obstacles and limitations that occur along the journey to success…and keep your FOCUS along the way.
  • Develop a plan to achieve what you REALLY want…and keep yourself focused on the goal. Learn a technique that will harness your inner power for success.
  • How to face the fear of making a MISTAKE … and harness your inner power for success.
  • How to maintain a POSITIVE mental attitude when your attraction request hasn’t yet appeared.
  • How to keep your eye on the target and stay enthusiastic about your goals.
  • How to find the essence of your desire and KNOW what action steps you need to take.


Module 6: Manage Your Money Mindset

In order to attract money you need to know how to work with money.  The number one ingredient for success is gratitude.  All the books on attracting wealth talk about it, but the best way to use it is to practice it every day.   It also helps to have financial awareness of how to handle and manage money, so you can keep and use the money you attract.

Learn basic money management
How to use your mental attitudes to manage your money.
Practical techniques anyone can use to get ahead financially and stay ahead.

(Manual, workbook, spreadsheets, Gratitude Journal, audio, videos included)

  • How to raise your FINANCIAL IQ and manage your money successfully.  Learn to handle your money the same way millionaires do.
  • Learn how the UNIVERSE wants you to act so it can bring you Wealth.  (Hint: Changing your relationship with money will amplify your ability to attract wealth.)
  • Discover your HIDDEN dollars. Find money where you didn’t think there was any!
  • Learn the first and last PRINCIPLES in money management…ones that most money management programs leave out.
  • Simple LIFESTYLE changes you can make that will save you money for decades to come!
  • How to become financially fit and run your finances like a CHAMPION!


Module 7: Get Motivated and Inspired

Everyone is looking for instant gratification, and when it doesn’t come people give up.  What does it take to stay motivated and inspired?  There are tools available that most wealth attraction gurus don’t even know about that effectively keep your emotions and senses in tune with your power center.

Keep yourself motivated and inspired.

Save time and gain super positive reinforcement.
Learn how to use your inner wisdom to guide you.
Become accountable by using a coach to keep you on track.

(Manual included)

  • A simple ACTION that will keep your motivation going high until your results show up.  (Warning: This will speed up your results!)
  • How to keep yourself INSPIRED every day…motivate yourself every day to achieving your goals.
  • How to have a 90% RETENTION rate of the material. (Hint: actively practicing with these tools can make a big difference.)
  • Learn how to INTUITIVELY handle any situation…your inner wisdom is available 24/7.
  • Learn how to GAIN the energy, focus, and vitality to achieve your dreams. You can empower yourself at any time.
  • Discover the one MISSING STEP in most Law of Attraction programs that will give you a quantum leap in the direction of your desires. This step will dramatically change your ability to manifest what you want with intense power.

The home-study course will include manuals, workbooks, audio and video tutorials, a planner, a journal, and all “how to” examples in detail.

In addition, we explain every module in a step-by-step fashion. Everything is instantly downloadable. All you need to do is follow each step and you are on your way to attracting wealth and manifesting your desires.You have probably seen lots of different programs, classes, books, and tapes on the Internet about attracting wealth.  Many offer solutions, but how well do they deliver?

The seven modules will not only tell you what to do, but how to make each technique work for you, with step by step instructions. Once you have mastered the seven modules, you will have made your Money Mindset Makeover.

The Money Mindset Makeover Home Study Course will include the seven modules, a workbook of exercises for each module, extra worksheets, audios, videos, Goal-Setting Planner, and Gratitude Journal.


PLUS: 6 months of weekly Prosperity Coaching

Take your learning experience a step further with weekly supplementary lessons that give you even more in-depth insights and knowledge on the Money Mindset Makeover materials. It’s like having a mini-coaching session every week.

Enjoy Ongoing Prosperity Training. Every week for 6 months, you will receive a supplementary lesson that will
help, support, motivate, and inspire you to
keep moving forward towards your dreams.

These lessons include:

  • Advanced techniques for achieving your goals
  • Inspirational videos
  • Motivational articles by well-known authors
  • Full-length PDFs of relevant ebooks
  • Lessons from Wattles Wisdom

Be inspired on a weekly basis so you can keep going forward with your goals regardless of obstacles.

Create momentum from repeated resources for Law of Attraction techniques.

Have a source of consistent motivation to keep you on track and focused on your goals.



Bonus #1: 10-page Wattles Wisdom Screensaver

Background pages for your computer with the beautiful images and quotes from Wattles just like the Art Flash Cards.  This will be just another way to keep your mind focused on the principles from The Science of Getting Rich.

  • Constant positive reinforcement helps you stay on target with your goals.
  • This screensaver gives you constant reminders throughout your day straight from Wattles himself.
  • Scenes from nature excite the right emotions to keep you uplifted.
  • Combining wisdom with beautiful images magnifies the power of the words you read.

Bonus #2: Summary of Wattles’ book “The Science of Getting Rich”

  • The book that inspired the “greats” of the Law of Attraction teachers
  • If you haven’t read the book, you can read the main points and philosophy in this summary.
  • Use it as a quick reference when you want to review Wattles’ principles.

Bonus #3: Boxed Set of 40 Wattles Wisdom Art Cards

How to develop a marketing strategy for an online business while creating the mindset to make large amounts of money. (Allow 4 weeks for delivery.)

  • Have the best of Wattles’ inspiring quotes from this classic book as daily reminders of Wattles Wisdom.
  • Use them as a motivational tool, inspirational gift, prosperity affirmations.
  • Each card has a meaningful and inspirational quote from the book.
  • Put them on your desk, refrigerator, bulletin board, car dashboard, or bathroom mirror.