Are You Ready to Close Clients Quickly?

You’re out there marketing, networking, connecting and following up.Then you FINALLY get someone on the phone and you hear – “Let me think about it”, or “I’ll get back to you.”

That’s all about to change in this powerful FREE sales training call, “How to Close Clients Quickly,” December 22 at 12pm ET.

My colleague, Liz Dederer, wants to give you the exact formula she uses so you’re able to easily guide your prospects to commit to a decision right then and there!

In this one hour sales training call, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 step formula for a successful sales call, every
  • What you may be doing (or thinking) that is sabotaging the sale before the call has even started.
  • The #1 Mistake you could be making when stepping into sales conversations.
  • How to easily, confidently and courageously achieve a 100% close rate without being or feeling like a ‘sales’ person. (Nurturers will love this one!).

Knowing how to close will give you the ability to create income on demand for the rest of your business life!

If you’re in a service business and…

  • You’re struggling to convert discovery sessions, strategy calls, enrolling or networking conversations into cash.
  • You know you’re worth more than what you’re charging but you feel tongue-tied when it comes to the sales part of the conversation.
  • You’re wondering if this business is ever going to really work for you because you’re not closing clients as quickly as you need to.
  • …this training is for you.

Imagine what your life will be like when you’re finally able to effortlessly stand powerful in your money boundaries, speak your value, charge your value and serve clients who are a joy to work with.

Liz’s proven formula for successful sales conversations will teach you how to confidently and competently turn your conversations into clients and cashflow.   

Come for this free training December 22, 12pm ET.

This is a live training that will be used as a bonus for my LinkedIncome Blueprint clients, so there will be no replay.

There will be a Q & A, so come to find out how you can get more sales from an expert sales trainer.

Get Liz’s ebook  “Speak Your Value” – 15 powerful sales scripts and strategies
to command respect and drive sale here:


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