Video Tip: Make a Newsletter Plan

Do you create your newsletter at the last minute rather than plan it out ahead of time? Do you feel like your newsletter could be better organized?  This video shows you how to make a 12-month plan for your newsletter, which will save you time and a whole lot of stress.  Watch the video and then download the template here:




  1. Hey Jeannette.

    Yep, time and content are big concerns in doing a newsletter.

    I often recommend a very simplified, text-only, single article newsletter, something so easy you can’t help but do it.

    It’s like going for a 5 minute jog in the morning, but be consistent … in time it builds up and you’re kicking butt.

    I like the planning idea to carve out time to get it done.

    Do you do your newsletter at any special time of the week when energy and creativity are best?

    1. To make it doable, I do monthly newsletter, not a weekly one. I start on it the week before the due date and I usually set up what will go into the newsletters months in advance.

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